How-To: Open Reef Pre-Rolls

There’s lots to take into account when developing packaging for cannabis. Our primary considerations are ensuring that potential packaging options are compliant with Health Canada regulations, one of the main criteria being that it must be child-proof. For our Reef products, we work hard to source sustainable options that meet regulatory standards. Our packaging will change over time as more environmentally-friendly and compliant packages are developed but we’re pretty proud to be off to a good start.

Our pre-rolls are made using organic, unbleached rolling papers that are enclosed in a reusable, recyclable slim plastic case. To ensure that your purchase is odourless, we then place the pre-roll case into an omnidegradable exterior bag. Omnidegradable means that the material is able to be consumed by microbes in soil, water, and even if it ends up in landfills, will biodegrade in a very short time-frame.

For quick tips on how to open our reusable child-proof pre-roll case, please watch the video below: