Aquaculture and Organic Living Soil – the Best of Two Worlds!

We grow Reef Organic cannabis indoors in small batches using certified organic cultivation methods that combine aquaponic processes and living soil. We employ aquaponic farming, using this nutrient-rich water from the fish tanks on organic living soil – it’s unique because we use living Koi, not a farmed fish system. This all-natural growing medium is free of synthetic additives. Research shows that plants grown organically are healthier, more robust and less prone to pests and disease. The use of aquaponic water also increases potency and terpenes.

Our system design and products have received top marks from industry experts for sustainability and quality. In collaboration with experts from around the world, our team has incorporated ecological design elements to reduce energy consumption by up to 50% and water consumption up to 80%. More importantly, our system is capable of naturally producing macro and micro nutrients without the adverse environmental impact, run off, and carbon footprint required for synthetic or extracted fertilizers. Our design received a Spark Innovation Award, a Clean Tech Energy Award and was featured in the Washington Institute of Environmental Law Journal as leading the world in cannabis cultivation innovation. In 2020, Grow Opportunity Magazine recognized this innovation and exceptional product quality by awarding Canada’s Grower of the Year to our Head Grower Jake Ward.

Aqualitas Aquaponics Short Video

The Organic Difference

Reef Organic’s cultivation sets our products apart. When choosing our organically grown cannabis, you can see, smell, touch and taste and feel the difference organic practices make.

Our consumers often comment on the density of the bud, abundance of trichomes, how flavourful it is, as well as its clean burn and smooth, bold taste. A carefully cultivated product that provides a premium experience. All of our products are consistent in potency and terpene profiles batch after batch. Our extended cold dry, at temperatures below 15°C, captures smoke ready moisture levels – with hand finishing and pack-on-demand production to ensure preservation of trichomes, freshness and visual appeal.

All our products are sensory tested by humans, who love cannabis, under our research license before they make their way to you.

We are proud to be the first Canadian recipient of Clean Green Certification – our cultivation practices — aquaponic and soil-based — have received this certification as a recognition of our commitment to organic management practices, compliance, quality and sustainability. We take this commitment very seriously and promise to maintain these practices to ensure our processes and products are better for the environment and ultimately, better for you.