Aqualitas ocean sourced packaging - Sana jarAqualitas partners with Sana Packaging to bring the first 100% reclaimed ocean plastic packaging to the Canadian cannabis market

East Coast Organic LP leads country with steadfast commitment to keep cannabis sustainable


BROOKLYN, NS – (February 16th, 2021) – Nova Scotian organic licensed producer Aqualitas is disrupting the cannabis industry through its partnership with Colorado-based Sana Packaging. The Clean Green Certified LP is introducing ocean sourced packaging to the recreational and medical markets as part of an ongoing effort to address the industry’s packaging problem.

“While our facility is a low energy and low water consumer due to our LED lights and aquaponic systems, we wanted to do more,” explains Josh Adler, Aqualitas’ Director of Operations. “We made it our mission to identify sustainable packaging across all of our product offerings. It stemmed from biodegradable pouches and labels to an ocean plastic concept. It’s been two years in the making to source raw materials, connect with a manufacturer, get the product certified, conduct product impact investigations, and make it work during a pandemic. Biodegradable formats are now in stream for all SKUs and further facility efforts are in the works to lower our carbon footprint.”

Myrna Gillis, CEO of Aqualitas, says, “As members of a coastal community, it’s no longer enough for us to simply keep packaging out of our oceans and landfills – we want to play an active role in cleaning it up. Our first packaging order succeeded in reclaiming 2 tons (4,000 lbs) of plastic from the ocean. From our Clean Green certification to using environmentally friendly packaging and using compostable mailers to fulfill medical cannabis orders, our team is always looking for ways to be more sustainable in how we cultivate, process and package our products.”

“We’re excited to partner with Aqualitas and increase our footprint in the Canadian cannabis market,” says Ron Basak-Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Sana Packaging. “We believe our 100% reclaimed ocean plastic cannabis packaging is a perfect fit for Aqualitas – a company that has proven its dedication to sustainability from seed to sale. With the help of our incredible customers, we have already removed more than 58 tons (116,000 lbs) of plastic waste from our oceans.”

This new packaging will first launch coast to coast via Aqualitas’ medical platform in 5g jars, and in Nova Scotia in the recreational market via Reef Organic later this month. In an apt pairing, we will introduce our new packaging and cultivar Coastal Kush at 27% THC to Ontario in early March.

Aqualitas sustainable packaging

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Aqualitas is a privately-held, multiple Health Canada licence holder with licenses to conduct research, cultivate indoor and outdoor, process and sell cannabis, located in the community of Brooklyn, just outside of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Aqualitas home to Canada’s 2020 Grower of the Year and is Canada’s first Clean Green Certified cannabis producer and processor, recognizing its commitment to international organic management practices, compliance, quality and sustainability. With a mission of supporting people’s wellness with research, care and passion, Aqualitas is committed to a vision of being a global leader in providing organically grown cannabis and value-added products. Its research and development division, Sindica, is actively engaged in research projects in cultivation, product development, and pharmaceutical drug development. Aqualitas’ adult-use brand, Reef Organic, is now available in recreational markets in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia with further expansion plans across Canada over the coming months. Its medical products have been distributed across Canada and exported to the EU and Israel.

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