For the health of our people, the plant and the planet.

Reef OrganicCoral reefs are the medicine chests of the sea. They offer habitat to marine life, act as a buffer along shorelines, and contribute to producing the oxygen we all need to thrive.

Reef Organic was inspired by this absolute miracle of nature, with a vision to grow organic, craft cannabis with the lightest environmental footprint possible, packaged in containers you can feel good about keeping, recycling or tossing in the compost bin.

Female-led and supported by a diverse team of genuine cannabis-loving enthusiasts, we pour our heart and soul into growing exceptional cannabis while building a sustainable future.

Heavy hitters, with a light footprint.

Aquaculture at Reef OrganicAs Canada’s first Clean Green Certified producer, our grow system uses a unique combination of organic living soil made in Nova Scotia, and nutrient-rich water provided by our 800+ koi fish. 

Relying on the natural relationship between the microorganisms in the soil and the root systems of the plants, this sustainable aquaculture operation provides all the nutrients the plants need without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

As a result our phenos are able to grow to their full genetic potential, producing higher yields, superior bud density, robust terpene profiles and market-leading potencies. All with less energy and water consumption compared to traditional indoor cultivation.

Industry leading, sustainable packaging.

Ocean Reclaimed Plastic Packaging

It’s estimated that up to 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year from coastal regions. When nearly 40% of the plastic produced is for packaging that’s used just once and then discarded, we knew we needed to find a new way of doing things.

Our teams set out to find packaging that would do justice to our top-shelf organic flower, and be gentle on the environment. In the spring of 2021, we found the perfect solution. We partnered with the folks at Sana Packaging and Oceanworks to develop a line of full-recyclable packaging made from ocean-reclaimed plastics. 

Through our commitment to sustainable packaging we have removed 21,822 pounds of plastic from our oceans, and we’re just getting started!

In addition to our sustainable flower packaging, all of our edibles bags are compostable and our concentrates packaging is made of fully recyclable paperboard. We’re proud to offer you high quality cannabis packaged in containers you can feel good about. Because, it matters.

Oceansworks GuaranteedSana Packaging Sustainable Partner