Reef Organic cannabis is grown by Aqualitas – Canada’s first Clean Green Certified company. This certification provides you the assurance that the products you’re purchasing are organically grown using international organic and sustainable cultivation practices. It is also a recognition of the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance, quality, and environmental stewardship.

Featured Products

We are proud of Reef Organic – our organically grown cannabis from Brooklyn, Nova Scotia on the province’s beautiful south shore.

Tranquil | High CBD Organic Oil

THC <1 mg/g CBD 20 mg/g

Tranquil is the first single-source organic cannabis oil from Reef Organic and is extracted using supercritical CO2 and features a high level of CBD.

Balance Full Spectrum | Hybrid

THC 300 - 350 mg/g CBD 400 - 450 mg/g

Reef’s Balance is a premium, additives-free, full spectrum hybrid vape crafted for true to flower aroma and a refined strain experience.

High Seas

THC 21-26% CBD <2%

Reef’s High Seas owes its high THC potency to its award-winning lineage. High Seas is the name we’ve given to our batches of Ghost Train Haze with particularly high percentages of THC.

High Seas Full Spectrum| Sativa

THC 800-850 mg/g CBD <10 mg/g

Reef’s High Seas is a premium, additives-free, full spectrum vape crafted for true to flower aroma and a refined strain experience.

Ebb & Flow

THC 5-10% CBD 7-12%

Reef’s Ebb & Flow offers a more balanced level of cannabinoids than many cultivars, with CBD coming in slightly higher than THC.

Map of Nova Scotia

Retail Outlets

Reef Organic’s certified organically grown cannabis is available for purchase in Nova Scotia through all NSLC’s outlets; at the four PEI Cannabis Corp. outlets; New Brunswick Cannabis outlets; Alberta Cannabis, Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Saskatchewan and licensed retailers in their respective markets and across Canada. Stay tuned for more announcements on availability in your area.

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