Tranquil | High CBD Organic Oil

THC <1 mg/g CBD 20 mg/g

Paying tribute to a calm, smooth ocean with its peaceful, serene water lapping our southern shoreline – Tranquil.

Our organic sunflower oil is selected for its stability, and mild tasting presentation. CBD is preferred by the consumer looking to relax without the consumption of THC. Tranquil is the first single-source organic cannabis oil from Reef Organic and is extracted using supercritical CO2 and features a high level of CBD.

Tranquil is Clean Green Certified (Aqualitas/Reef is the first LP in Canada to earn this certification)- an acknowled-gement of Reef Organic’s international organic cultivation practices.

All products are sensory tested for quality under the LP’s research licence.

Carrier oil: Organic sunflower oil
Available in: 25 ml bottle