Why ‘Reef‘?

We are proud of our roots along the Atlantic ocean and excited to be providing consumers with top-shelf products – the name, Reef, seemed the perfect homage to the Maritimes AND our premium cannabis.

How is your cannabis grown?

Our cannabis is organically grown indoors in organic, living soil under energy-saving LED lights. We are Canada’s first Clean Green Certified cannabis producer.

What is ‘living soil’?

Living soil is an all-natural growing medium that is free from synthetic amendments. It contains only natural nutrients that rely on the symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and the cannabis plant’s root system. Research shows that plants grown in living soil are healthier and less prone to pests and disease.

Are Reef products available for medical consumers?

Reef is the recreational brand of cannabis licence holder, Aqualitas. Aqualitas provides organically grown medical cannabis to registered clients with medical authorization. For more information, please visit www.aqualitas.ca

Do you sell cannabis oil?

We are currently only selling dried flower in the recreational marketplace but our medical cannabis oils are available to clients through our medical platform.

Where can I learn more about the regulations around possessing & consuming cannabis?

Cannabis production, sales, possession and consumption are regulated by federal, provincial and municipal governments. Health Canada’s Cannabis Fact Sheet is a good start for learning more about the rules and regulations but we advise you also check your provincial laws and local municipal by-laws around cannabis consumption.

Where can I buy Reef products?

Reef’s organically grown cannabis is available for purchase in Nova Scotia through the NSLC’s 12 cannabis outlets and online; at the four PEI Cannabis Corp. outlets in P.E.I.; and through select licensed retailers in Saskatchewan. Stay tuned for announcements on availability in additional Canadian provinces.

Do you irradiate your cannabis?

None of Reef’s products undergo gamma irradiation. A common practice among many Canadian cannabis producers, this is the process of exposing harvested cannabis to non-radioactive gamma rays to kill mould, bacteria and other contaminants to meet the stringent safety standards of Health Canada.