Kanha Watermelon Gummies

High Seas | Sativa

THC 21-26% CBD <2%

Reef Organic’s High Seas owes its high THC potency to its award-winning lineage. High Seas is the name we’ve given to our batches of Ghost Train Haze with particularly high percentages of THC.

Coastal Kush | Indica

THC 20-25% CBD < 1%

This Indica dominant hybrid with origins from MK Ultra and ChemDawg 91 cultivars features dense, firm buds with citrus, spice and herbal notes. Dominant terpenes include: Myrcene, Limonene and Ocimene. First batch THC comes in at 23.7%.

Surge | High THC Organic Oil

THC 20-23% CBD <2%

Surge is Reef Organic's latest high THC organic extract that delivers a 20-23 mg/g potency of THC. Surge is crafted using supercritical CO2 extraction from Ghost Train Haze flower and the cannabis terpenes are re-introduced into the oil.

Tranquil | High CBD Organic Oil

THC <1 mg/g CBD 20 mg/g

Tranquil is the first single-source organic cannabis oil from Reef Organic and is extracted using supercritical CO2 and features a high level of CBD.

High Seas True Spectrum | Sativa

THC 800-850 mg/g CBD <10 mg/g

Reef’s High Seas is a premium, additives-free, True Spectrum vape crafted with exact ratios of the cannabis terpenes for true-to-flower aroma and a refined cultivar experience.

Anchor True Spectrum | Indica

THC 775-825 mg/g CBD <10 mg/g

Reef’s Anchor is an indica dominant, additives-free, True Spectrum vape crafted for true-to-flower aroma and a refined cultivar experience.

Balance True Spectrum | Hybrid

THC 300 - 350 mg/g CBD 400 - 450 mg/g

Reef’s Balance is an additives-free, True Spectrum hybrid vape crafted for true-to-flower aroma and a refined cultivar experience.

Ebb & Flow | Indica Leaning

THC 5-10% CBD 7-12%

Reef Organic’s Ebb & Flow offers a more balanced level of cannabinoids than many cultivars, with CBD coming in slightly higher than THC.

White Shark | Indica Leaning Hybrid

THC 13-18% CBD <1%

With a fruity aroma that is reminiscent of pineapples and oranges, White Shark is a mid-high THC, Indica-dominant hybrid that won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997 for best Hybrid.